How can i get a patent with no money?

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The theory behind the “poor man” patent is that, by describing his invention in writing and sending that documentation by mail in a sealed envelope by certified mail (or other proof of delivery), the sealed envelope and its contents could be used against other people to establish the date the invention came into their possession. While, under the “first to invent” patent system, the idea of documenting the date of conception of an invention in this way may have had some merit, patenting the “poor” is not a formally recognized procedure and, in fact, does not confer any rights on the inventor. In the best case scenario, if a patent application for the invention had also been filed in a timely manner, that documentation could have provided some degree of support for trying to “swear” behind a reference. Receive timely emails about recent case law and legal trends, as well as invitations to educational events.

Seeing what has been patented and what's already on the market could save you time, money and frustration in the long run. An experienced patent attorney can help you evaluate protection options, even with a fixed budget. The USPTO also supports two programs that provide free legal assistance in the form of patent application preparation, filing and processing services to inventors who cannot afford an attorney or agent. But if you're an inventor, you're probably not an expert in patent law or in the procedures of the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

Finally, the patent application must include claims setting out what you, the inventor, consider the invention. Your best bet is to get a few free initial consultations from different patent attorneys to learn about your options and recommended routes. One of these programs, the Pro Bono Patent Program, seeks to connect eligible inventors with volunteer patent professionals. The disadvantage of the provisional patent application is that, at the end of the one-year period, you will lose all patent rights to the invention if you do not file the non-provisional patent application.

You'll always have to pay the filing fees to have your patent examined and then pay the issuance fee once it's allowed. The Pro Bono Patent Program consists of several separate pro bono programs, each of which covers a state or a few adjacent states. It's good to know that business consultants, patent attorneys, manufacturers, and product development companies (like us) sometimes offer free consultations. However, since the patent process for “poor” is not secure or tamper-proof, such documentation should not be considered reliable evidence for any purpose.

Students gain real experience working with inventors to process their patent applications, meeting with inventors, drafting patent applications, and responding to office actions, all under the supervision of an authorized supervising attorney affiliated with the law school clinic. More details about the Pro Bono Patent Program, including a map of the United States with links to each regional program, can be found on the program's website. If I already have a probative patent, how can I apply for a U.S. non-probative patent without the expense of an attorney?.

Since patent claims define the legal rights of a patent, it is important to elaborate them carefully. .

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