What Does a Patent Lawyer Do on a Daily Basis?

Patent attorneys are responsible for the daily processes related to the drafting, filing, and processing of patents and trademarks for clients. They have extensive knowledge of both the law and the patent system, and are capable of conducting prior research on the state of the art, generating patents, and analyzing patent profiles. On a daily basis, they write patent applications, work with inventors and patent examiners, and follow case law. They also help litigants and attorneys specializing in transactional matters in their tasks.

When an inventor hires a patent attorney, they can dedicate their efforts to developing technology and commercializing their products while delegating drafting and negotiation to those who do it every day. Patent attorneys can also act on behalf of their clients to enforce patents, including filing appropriate lawsuits if necessary. Additionally, they can provide guidance to those who want to obtain patents and handle patent infringement cases. To draft a proper patent application, patent attorneys must understand why it exists and how it works.

This requires an internship period to master the technique of applying for patents. Patent applications are processed collaboratively between the patent attorney and the licensor throughout the judicial process to obtain favorable results. By reviewing the technology and analyzing the invention, a patent attorney can often draft applications that take on even greater value several years later. Patent applications take years to process at the patent office and involve continuous communication between the applicant and the examiner.

If you obtain a patent and subsequently divorce, the patent is likely to be considered marital property, regardless of whether your spouse had anything to do with the invention.

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