Why You Need a Patent Attorney

Having expertise in a particular area of patent law is immensely valuable. A lawyer who has devoted their career to obtaining patents on inventions in the telecommunications sector will know how to draft a patent for a mobile phone company, anticipate patent office refusals, and use the law to secure a patent. The services of a patent attorney are also expensive.

Patent attorneys

are among the highest-paid lawyers, and innovative companies spend a lot of money to protect their intellectual property.

Legally speaking, nothing prevents an inventor from preparing a patent application (or a provisional patent application) without the help of an attorney. In fact, thousands of inventors do this regularly, using self-help guides such as Patent Yourself by Nolo, Patent Pending in 24 Hours, or the online provisional patent application process. A patent attorney must have extensive knowledge of patent procedure, federal laws, and ethical guidelines. An expert in patents who drafts them on a regular basis can more effectively create an acceptable application.

Each patent or patent application issued includes a list of the lawyer who wrote it and the firm for which they work. As you may have noticed from the terminology list above, patent attorneys aren't your only option for professional help. Therefore, a patent attorney is someone who has extensive knowledge and training in the protection and representation of intellectual property. It often takes years of apprenticeship with qualified patent attorneys before an attorney can manage it on their own.

The quality of the patent can be determined if its scope is as broad as possible, taking into account previous developments in the discipline. These attorneys receive a federal license to represent their clients by passing a bar exam designed specifically for patent law. Most patent attorneys are only dedicated to patent law, trademark law, and other areas of intellectual property, so they have extensive knowledge of the process and potential difficulties. One of the main reasons people choose to hire a patent attorney is the complexity of filing a patent.

A patent attorney can help an inventor or creator file the initial patent application correctly and thoroughly, but their skill set doesn't end there. You could easily use other types of 3D printing materials, but unless you specifically say so, the patent office may only allow you to patent prototypes made with 3D-printed thermoplastics.

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