What is the Difference Between Patent Attorney and Lawyer?

Patent attorneys and lawyers are both important professionals when it comes to protecting and maximizing ideas and inventions. While they both have their own strengths, they often work together to produce patents and applications. Patent attorneys specialize in patents and must have experience in important technical areas to understand a client's inventions. They must also have a graduate degree in science, such as a degree in engineering or a degree in science.

On the other hand, lawyers offer good initial assistance but do not usually have the technical qualification or patent expertise to fully advise you. Unless a patent attorney has a law degree and has been admitted to the bar association, they are generally not authorized to represent a client in a court of law. At Baxter IP, we have patent attorneys specialized in various sectors and technological specializations. They can provide legal advice because they have passed a state examination for law and are licensed to practice law. However, unlike patent attorneys, patent agents cannot represent their clients in other legal matters, such as prosecuting an infringement in court. Under the current system in Australia, a person wishing to register as a patent attorney must complete a postgraduate degree in law in the form of a master's degree in intellectual property (IPM) offered by a limited number of universities in Australia.

Don't think of lawyers whose only experience is in patent law, as it's best to work with those who have experience in a variety of law issues. If you have any questions, please contact IP Australia or the Institute of Patent and Trademark Attorneys (IPTA), who will best advise you on the type of professional best suited to your needs. Baxter IP also provides a collection of information and tools related to intellectual property.

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